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   Spick FinAcc

  This is complete Financial Accounting Software. We can  enter the
  Daily vouchers; we have the various groups based on the heads in
  the Balance sheet. Based on these Groups we have the Ledgers &
  the Vouchers.

  Inventory Management:
  This will include  the Purchase  and the Sales Modules for the Raw
  Materials in case of  the Manufacturers and in case of the Traders
  it includes the Finished Goods Purchase & Sale.

 Spick Pay

 A complete Payroll management Software including tax calculations.
 The reports  generated  from this software include Pay slips, Salary

Spick SalesManage

 This is  complete  Marketing   Feedback   Software   covering   the
 management of  Enquiries  right from the Source to the Conversion
 and Sale.This will take care of all the Hierarchies in the Sales & the
 Marketing Departments and the reports of these entities for enquiry
 generation, leads allocation, feedback generation and final sales.

  Spick OrderManage

 It  covers  Enquiry,  Quotation,  Costing,  Inventory, Job Allocation,
 Purchase  &  Job Fitting. It considers the complex calculations used
 for the  Job  Fitting  using  Forms  and  is  also  capable of reducing

  Spick CourierManage

 The  software  is  being  used for a Courier Agencies. The Software
 starts with Generation of the Slips, Sorting of the Couriers,Tracking
 of   the  Packages  and  Accounts. It  also  keeps  track  of  all the
 documents and packages along with the destination.

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